Two 5 days  jungle-adventure tours to choose from 

from 855.- U$

Tour A) from June to November

Day 1 Transfer by shuttle bus from Campo Grande to Pantanal lodge. Upon arrival, photographing the numerous animals on the grounds of the farm. Overnight in hammock or tent on the river bank.

2. Day morning, boat safari or horse riding. After lunch, Jeep safari to the Jungle Camp in the Pantanal-Nhecolândia *. Jungle and Savanna walk around the camp (close up with nature and wildlife). Overnight in the tent.
Day 3 Full day, safari by jeep or walking, looking for the typical animals. Piranha fishing and night expedition.

Day 4 In the morning, other safaris for animal watching around the camp. In the afternoon, return to the lodge by jeep. Overnight stay in the air-conditioned room, access to the swimming pool, internet, great food.

5. Day In the morning, boat safari or horse riding. After lunch, return with shuttle bus to Campo Grande or connect to further destinations like Bonito, Bolivia (to the Iguacu waterfalls you have to go back to Campo Grande).
          * Nhecolândia is the Pantanal region with the highest density of mammals and birds

Ideal for groups of 5 or more. For less participants, price added!

Tour B) exclusive and new from 2017 (from May to September)

1. Day 10 am, departure shuttle bus to the Pantanal lodge. Overnight in tent or hammock on the river bank of the Rio Abobral.
Day 2 Morning Riding trip, afternoon, safari walk through savannah and jungle in the region. After darkness, night safari on the Pantanal park road. 

Day 3 After breakfast, start the 2-day canoe adventure. The Abobral River is a narrow, very unspoiled river where you have great chances to see all the animals that exist in the Pantanal (including Jaguar and Tapir). At lunch time, lunch at the river bank in the afternoon to the place of overnight stay, directly at the river bank, where the tents are built. Help with erecting the tents, setting up the fire place and fishing for fish for dinner is expected.

Day 4 Continue with the canoe, silently and close to the animals in the middle of the Pantanal jungle. On the way there is plenty of time for watching, taking pictures, swimming to cool down, or simply kicking out. A motorized boat for support and safety follows a certain distance (without disturbing the idyllic calm). The entire route is about 40 km, with a low flow. Shortly before the Paraguay river, which is dangerous for canoes, another motorboat is added, and during the sunset, we are sure to go to the fishermen village of Porto da Manga, where we spend the night in the simple but well-structured Hotel Sonetur.

Day 5 After breakfast, boat trip upstream to the Taquari River, a different landscape than before, which gives an impression of the incredible expanse of the Pantanal. Lunch at the hotel and then private transfer to Campo Grande or Bonito or Corumba.
Ideal for 2 -4 persons

Note: on both tours they will be accompanied by experienced local English speaking guide.