bird watching

The southern-Pantanal/Bonito area is a veritable paradise for bird lovers and bird watchers.

Bonito is located at the foot of the Bodoquena Mountains, which in turn limits the southern Pantanal. Thus take three
different vegetations each other: The mata atlântica (atlantik mountain forest), the cerrado (savannah similar in the interior) and the Pantanal (big wetland).
In Bonito / Serra Bodoquena were over 340, even cataloged 650 species of birds in the Pantanal. That's more than half of the species present in South America. The Pantanal is also obligatory intermediate stop for many migratory birds in the Americas .

This abundance has attracted more and more biologists, ornithologists and amateur birders in recent years. They all give
their reports in their excitement about the biodiversity encountered expression.


The Go's highly trained ornithologists guides bring you to the best observation places in this birds' paradise. Ideal are small groups of max. 7 participants .



9 days  (4 days in Bonito/Serra Bodoquena + 5 days in the Pantanal)


1 Day Transfer to Bonito  (on the way we visit a big Red Macaw colony). In the evening, preparing for the coming days under the guidance of the guides.

2 Day Estancia Mimoso (at the foot of the mountain) with possibility for a refreshing swim in the idyllic waterfalls.

3 Day Boca da onça (on the mountain height) with stunning views of the surroundings.

Day 4 National Park Serra Bodoquena.  Belongs to one of the most untouched forests of Brazil Inland.

Day 5 Transfer to the Pantanal / boat safari.

6th - 8th day bird watching tours by jeep, boat and on foot in according to the tastes of the members of the expedition.

Day 9 Transfer to Campo Grande


Remarks: On request can be inserted an additional day for a snorkel trip or relaxing day in Bonito.

Important! Early booking !