Important!  Our budget tours are not comparable to other offers: Better accommodation, better food, safaris go much deeper into the Pantanal, larger safety standards!

Simply a much better quality!                      Upgrade possible at any time!

only 550 U$

only   250.-  U$

                (inclusive transfers)

from   350.-  U$

(inclusive  transfers)


3 days, 2 nights


1st day        Transfer* (4.5 hrs.) by van from Campo Grande to the lodge in the Pantanal. Start of the Pantanal safari program. *(Panorama tour possible for additional fee).

2nd day     Full day, a range of safari excursions for bird, animal and flora watching.  

3rd day      In the morning, another safari excursion, after lunch, leave for Bonito or your travel destination. 

What is included?

-Transfer to the lodge in the Pantanal. Transfer from the lodge to Bonito, Campo Grande or the bus station for further travel to Bolivia.

-Accommodations in a group room with full board -All safari excursions with an English-speaking guide:

-Boat ride, riding or canoeing, hiking, jeep safari, night expedition, piranha fishing, swimming in the river. (Some of the excursions are at sunrise or sunset).


Not included:     Drinks and personal expenses


3 days, 2 nights

1st day      Transfer (4 hrs.) by air conditioned minibus from Campo Grande (airport) to the hostel in Bonito.

2nd day        After breakfast, visit to the "gruta lagoa azul". In the afternoon, bike ride on a rental bicycle to the "balneário municipal" 6 km away. See the underwater world with its countless fish while snorkeling in the crystal clear water. The "balneário municipal" is like a public swimming bath where you can lie out, read or simply relax.

3rd day      After breakfast, transfer to the Pantanal Sul, back to Campo Grande or to your next travel destination.  

What is included?

- Transfer to and from Campo Grande-Bonito or to Pantanal Sul, accommodations in a group room with a super breakfast. - Visit to the "gruta lagoa azul" with an English-speaking guide, bicycle rental. Entry to the "balneário municipal".

What is not included?

- meals, drinks, personal expenses.



Pantanal & Bonito

5 days, 4 nights

This complete offer is a combination of the two budget tours above. You can choose to visit Pantanal or Bonito first. You do not have to return to Campo Grande between each leg. We offer you a direct Pantanal-Bonito/Bonito Pantanal transfer included in the price.

Panorama tour: 

Instead of the usual transfer between Campo Grande and Pantanal in old, non-air conditioned minibuses that only drive on the highway, you will ride in a new, air conditioned and comfortable vehicle that leaves the highway and stops to look at canyons, a Hyacinth Macaw parrot colony and a breathtaking vista point at high altitude where we serve you a lavish lunch.       Additional fee: 65.- USD

What is included?        
Compare with the offers above.



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