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The fair trade tour leads you to the Amolar Mountains in the heart of Pantanal. It is the most spectacular landscape in the area and, in addition to the premiere tour, the absolute highlight of our Pantanal tours. There are no lodges there which is why we travel there in our hotel ship. Along the way, you can watch the animals and look at the beautiful landscape. In Paraguay-Mirim, a calm tributary of the Rio Paraguay, we will snorkel in crystal clear water amidst an incredible underwater world. Upon arriving in the Amolar Mountains, we will get to know the true "Pantaneiros". Some of them are descendants of the indigenous inhabitants and know the Pantanal better than anyone. We will participate in their daily and cultural life and they will show us the local sights on foot, on horseback and by boat and will let us immerse ourselves in the indescribable abundance of fauna and flora in the pristine Pantanal.

fair trade tour

seven unforgettable days in

the heart of the Pantanal

You support the local population with your visit.

1st day

Panorama transfer to the lodge in the Pantanal. Safari excursion in the late afternoon, evening meal, overnight stay in a group or private room (as requested).

2nd day
Jeep photo safari along the over 120 km nature Pantanal park road with approximately 100 wooden bridges, where you will see many birds, mammals and reptiles; River crossing by ferry, visit to the Corumbá vista point, check-in to the hotel ship, then departure and evening meal.

3rd day
Visit to the Paraguay-Mirim settlement, snorkeling excursion, lunch, participation in the daily life of the locals (processing fruit and plants to make food, medications and souvenirs), further travel.

4th day
Drop anchor near Porto Amolar. Ride into the breathtakingly beautiful wilderness to watch animals and birds with a native guide. Hike to the waterfall where you can freshen up. After lunch, relaxing and in the late afternoon, climb to the vista point. Then, a night expedition to view the nocturnal animals. 

5th day
Trip to the settlement of São Lourenço. Participation in the daily life of the locals: harvesting wild rice and collecting live bait for fishing; crafts. After lunch, boat safari with the gorgeous backdrop of the Amolar Mountains and scenery at sunset. After the evening meal, further travel to the national park.*

6th day
Bird watching in the national park early in the morning (brooding sites of a variety of bird species), then piranha fishing, then the boat safari continues. In the late afternoon, departure to Corumbá.

7th day
Visit to the museum in Corumbá, then return travel to Campo Grande or further travel to Bolivia or Bonito.

*There is an option to extend by one day. Climb the second-highest mountain in the Amolar Mountains with an indescribable panoramic view of the Pantanal in Brazil and Bolivia. Marvel at the sunset and the southern hemisphere night sky, then overnight at the peak in a tent, breakfast at sunrise, then descent.