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fishing vacation

The Pantanal is a true fishing paradise with over 270 species of fish. Every year, fishing enthusiasts travel from far away to spend their fishing vacation here. Comfortable lodges have a complete infrastructure for fishermen that leaves nothing to be desired. GoPantanal.com works together with such a lodge. It is strategically located in the best spot and known for its excellent service.

Our offer: 5 day tours for at least 10 persons. The hotel ship "Aventura" transports the fishermen even deeper into the Pantanal to the best fishing spots amidst the pristine nature. Apes, otters, non-aggressive crocodiles, tapirs, (maybe even jaguars) and countless birds of all sizes and colors can be seen and photographed during your fishing adventure.

I myself have taken a fishing vacation in the Pantanal every year for the last 15 years and still haven't had enough. It is a new adventure every time. So you can enjoy your fishing vacation without concern, I will accompany you as an interpreter, counselor and fishing buddy. It will certainly be an unforgettable vacation you will tell your grandchildren about. You can see our full range of offers for fishing vacations in foreign countries under www.angeln.de. I will gladly answer any questions for you and am available at any time. Please use the contact link to get in touch  with me.