New and exclusive: PURE ADVENTURE  5 days
Very deep into the heart of the Pantanal: sleeping in tents, hammocks. 2 full days canoeing, enjoy the silence and come closer to the incredible Pantanal wildlife!

Bird Watching in Paradise.

Exclusive panorama transfer




Bonito means "beautiful" and it truly is. No one visits Bonito and says: "It wasn't beautiful". Nestled in a hilly region, like a giant garden of charming landscapes full of waterfalls, grottoes and rivers with crystal clear water, Bonito has become a multiple award-winning, top eco-tourism destination in Brazil. Bonito offers over 45 tourist attractions for: individuals, groups, families, extreme sports enthusiasts, snorkelers, divers, hikers, riders, bird and animal watchers, relaxation aficionados, etc. Everyone will fully enjoy themselves.


Fairtrade tourism is the term for ecologically and socially responsible sustainability tourism. It ensures that your tour is not only as ecologically conservative as possible, but that the local population will profit long-term from tourism.

These tours are coordinated with ECOA, a Brazilian NGO (Non-Government Organization) which has been involved for years in preserving and the conservative exploitation of the Pantanal. This includes our cooperative fair trade tourism project which aims to support the local population in its struggle for survival. They are involved as partners in the tourist activities and are equitably and appropriately compensated for their services.


This tour leads you to the Amolar Mountains in the heart of the Pantanal. It is the most spectacular landscape in the area and the absolute highlight of our Pantanal tours. There are no lodges there which is why we transport you there in our hotel ship. Don't worry! The hotel ships are completely safe and excellently equipped with full services.

Why travel with us?

- We will take you deeper into the Pantanal than any other agency.

- With us, you don't just visit one, you visit several regions on the Pantanal with different fauna, flora and breathtaking landscapes.

- Our guides are descendants of the aboriginal peoples. They know the Pantanal best.

- Sustainable eco and social tourism with a direct relationship with the local people in order to improve their quality of life.

- Option of participating in cultural and daily life of the indigenous inhabitants.

- Our exclusive panorama transport takes you to the regional natural sights, even on the way into the Pantanal.

- Fair prices.

-Tour offer tailored to your tastes and budget.

- On-site Swiss quality service you can rely on.

-German-English/Portuguese-speaking representative available to assist you at all times.
There are many beautiful places in this world. One of them is most certainly the Pantanal in western Brazil. With more than 200,000 km², it is the largest marshland regions on the planet with unfathomable diversity and an abundance of plants, mammals, reptiles and birds. The largest and most beautiful part is in the Pantanal Sul. Campo Grande, the capital of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and one of the cleanest and well-organized cities in Brazil, is the starting point for a visit to the Pantanal Sul, only an hour's flight from São Paulo by airliner. 


  Our tours are incomparable!