John Grisham, the famous american writer, describes in his bestseller "The Testament", the adventurous journey of a lawyer, which penetrates in his search of a missing heiress to a fortune, the border area of Brazil / Bolivia in the depths of the Pantanal. This part of the Pantanal is of breathtaking beauty. Few people of Indian origin, there live in small village communities. No one knows the Pantanal, his fauna and flora better than these simple, but very hospitable people. They are the guides on our tour, tried to let up the Pantanal close and unforgettable. This tour is identical with the Fair Trade Tourism tour and is in groups of 8 - 15 people performed. He is offered exclusive by us and is an absolute highlight. There is no other agency that leads them so deep into the Pantanal and it brings so intensive in contact with the local population. So that they can enjoy this wonderful tour carefree, Martin Arn, our local swiss guide will accompany!