Southern Pantanal

View from the Mountains

Amolar Mountains


1st day

The tour begins in Corumbá, the capitol of the Pantanal. You will fly along the Paraguay River toward the north, to the Amolar Mountains on the border to Bolivia. After an approx. 40 min. flight, you will land at the foot of the mountains in the heart of the Pantanal, the most beautiful landscape in the Pantanal Sul. You will take an excursion by boat with the people who know the Pantanal the best as guides. You will see many wild animals, countless birds and exquisite landscapes in pristine nature. Depending on your wishes, there is the option of taking a ride or hiking to the mountain line while enjoying gorgeous views. In the late afternoon, you will fly to the luxury lodge in the Pantanal Sul where you will be expected and pampered with Brazilian hospitality, warmth and first-class service.

2nd + 3rd day
The program plans for safari excursions by boat, in a jeep, on horseback, on foot and in a canoe. It also includes tours at sunrise and sunset and fishing for piranhas. The lodge is excellently equipped in every regard to offer you an extremely comfortable stay. Even before you reach the front doors, you have the opportunity of watching and photographing wild animals, birds, reptiles and the indescribable Pantanal scenery. In the late afternoon of the 3rd day, you will fly less than an hour to Bonito where you will stay in the resort hotel Zagaia which has its own landing strip. Of course there is the option of extending your stay in the Pantanal Sul.

4th + ???? day
You can choose the number of days you want to stay in Bonito. There are more than 45 tourist attractions and sights in Bonito which you can enjoy according to your tastes. Then you will fly to Campo Grande/MS where you can catch connections to international flights.

Comfort, first-class lodges/resorts, excellent cuisine, perfect service and travel guides, unforgettable panorama excursions, immersion in the indescribable wildlife, deep in the Pantanal, visit the most exclusive natural beauties of Bonito, adventure, relaxation, etc.